21 High Paying Virtual Assistant Services to Offer to Clients

Today we are talking about some of the highest paid services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. These are highly skilled services that are in demand by business owners who are willing to pay top dollar for your expertise.

highest paid virtual assistant jobs

When you are looking to become a virtual assistant, knowing what services you should offer can be tricky.

It’s a delicate dance between what you enjoy doing (or at the very least don’t mind doing,) what you are good at doing (or willing to learn,) and what is high paying!

Because, after all, if you are going to be setting up your business, you may as well offer services that will bring you a decent enough income that all that hard work is worth it!

Here are our favorite Virtual assistant services you can offer potential clients.

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What Services Do Virtual Assistants Provide?

I would like to clarify a common misconception about VA’s and what services virtual assistants provide before we continue with the highest paying services that virtual assistants provide.

Unfortunately, a large number of people (unfortunately and inaccurately) think that virtual assistants are low paid task do-ers.

That they pretty much work for pennies following commands.

I mean, I’m sure there are people out there that do work for way less than they should and call themselves virtual assistants, and of course they are.

I just want to let you know that today, virtual assistants range greatly in price, quality and services.

Of course, ideally, you would like a higher paying job.

To set yourself apart we have gathered up some of the highest paying virtual assistant services that you can provide to make sure you make top dollar.

These jobs all require some kind of skill set and some learning, but all are doable if you focus and niche down.

If you want a really comprehensive list of all the different services virtual assistants offer, make sure to grab horkey handbooks list here.

It’s a great resource for newer virtual assistants and has over 275 different ideas for services for VAs.

Let’s take a look at these higher paying virtual assistant jobs.

Content Writer

While technically being a content writer is considered its own business, its something a virtual assistant can offer as well.

Many websites need content that helps drive traffic to their business. Sometimes this can be blog posts, and other times it can be product descriptions or even sales pages.

If you are a good writer and have a good knowledge of on page SEO you can charge quite a bit for your content.


Another service virtual assistant could offer would be copywriting.

Copywriting is a learned skill that takes a lot of knowledge and know how to do well.

Many people are looking for a good copywriter to help write sales pages that connect with their ideal client and help convert sales.

Copywriters can also set up email series that are designed to help walk clients through why they NEED that person’s product.

Social Media Manager

Nearly everyone who runs a business uses some type of social media. This is often one of the first things hired out by business owners so they can concentrate their effort on higher return tasks.

Some social media managers don’t even do the social media tasks themselves but direct their clients other VA’s about what to do.

If you learn to do this well and grow your business, you could eventually hire your own assistant to perform tasks at your direction.

If you are the one managing the social media accounts directly, you can do everything yourself using automation programs, usually purchased by your client.

But typically you’ll oversee your client’s social media marketing accounts from A to Z.

Social Platform Expert

If you like one particular social media platform, you can specialize in that. As a blogger, I know that Instagram and Facebook experts are needed, and Pinterest Experts, in particular, are in high demand.

You’ll need to learn the platform inside and out, as well as keeping updated to the platform changes.

To offer this as a high paying service, you’ll need to position yourself as an expert and help your client get the most out of their marketing efforts on that platform.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Speaking of Pinterest, a high paying specialty for VA’s are Pinterest Managers. Pinterest VAs are in high demand and can charge quite a bit for monthly services. Often times only working on each clients acount for a few hours per day.

You can become a Pinterest VA by learning the platform and offering pin creation services, pinning management, scheduling, search engine optimization or even managing advertisements. (Which is a HUGELY profitable niche if you can master it well.)

To get started quickly, you can take the hugely popular How to Become a Pinterest VA Today course. At the very least, sign up for their free training here. It includes awesome & free bonuses!

If you want a more in depth look read my review of how to become a Pinterest VA Today.

Facebook Life Consultant

Facebook live is helping so many small business owners grow like wildfire. They use it to help expand their reach and establish their authority.

If you know how to do it well, you can help your clients by offering consults to help them use it effectively.

YouTube Marketing Expert

If you have some experience building popular YouTube channels you can provide tiered services to clients. You can offer consults on how they can grow their own YouTube channel.

Or, if you like the video editing side of things, you can offer a service where clients send you their raw footage that you can edit and perfect for them to upload on their channel.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is another service virtual assistants can offer. This ties in with the YouTube marketing services but can be different. There are a lot of ways to go with this niche.

You may want to offer your services to edit YouTube (or other) videos to make raw footage feel cohesive, unique, and effective.

Perhaps you want to help advise video content creators on topics for their videos. Maybe you want to suggest the right technology to them such as sound, lighting, and how to get the best picture.

Video Creation Services

If your good with a video camera, you can also do high-quality video content for others.

Websites like food blogs are in high need for good quality video recipes. They are usually willing to pay a good amount for a finished video branded for their site.

Sometimes you create the video and recipe, other times a client can commission you to recreate one of their recipes in a video format. Depending on how good your videos are, you can charge quite a bit for this service.

Food Blog Content Creation

I’m adding this one it because its one of my personal favorites services to offer as a virtual assistant.

If you can come up with recipe creation and take awesome photographs of the food, you could make a good deal of money offering your services to food bloggers.

Of course, food blogging relies heavily on beautiful photography, which means your photos need to be on point to be able to charge a higher price. But practice helps and there are some great food blogging photography courses out there.

One of my favorite ones is food blogger pro. It’s affordable and offers some of the best advice for those new to creating food content.

It helped me figure out the lighting basics and basic settings for a DSLR but also goes over taking photos of food with your cell phone.

Sales Funnel Strategist

If you hang out the business crowd for any amount of time, you are bound to hear someone talk about a “funnel.”

Everyone is drinking the funnel cool aid. If you know how to develop and set up effective funnels for clients, you could be in high demand.

Your services could include a funnel design, set up and implementation using the technology of your choice. Or maybe specialize in several technologies like Instapages and LeadPages so you can work with the systems your client already has in place.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is currently one of the most effective forms of marketing. It’s also a difficult skill to master for some.

If you really want to help your clients, become an expert in email marketing and offer your services. Usually, this includes list building, software management, creating effective emails that both connect with your client’s customers and convert into sales.

WordPress Expert Services

If you are great at navigating wordpress and setting up software like Amember, woocommerce, updating plugins, managing updates, creating backups and staying up to date on all the technical aspects of running a website, you could make a good deal money offering your services.

Many bloggers and business sites LOVE hiring out the technical aspects to professionals who know how to keep their sites running effectively and smoothly.

I myself have spent $100+ an hour to get technical services done on my blog, because I wanted someone with a killer reputation taking care of my bread and butter.

Content Marketing Strategist

A content marketing strategist is different than a content creator. If you are good at seeing the over all, big picture for your clients, you may be able to help them with a good content strategy.

You can help them see what types of content they need, how to repurpose content they have and get the most from their content marketing efforts.

Some content marketing strategist create a content calendar, while others oversee a team of content creators.

Webinar Expert

If you know how to help clients run and use webinars to market their business you can make great money providing this as a service.

You’ll need to know how to use the software, how to set it all up to run smoothly, invite people, and whatever else it takes to run a successful and profitable webinar and lead your client through it.

Affiliate Manager

Another awesome service virtual assistants provide is that of affiliate manager. In this position, you’ll be running your client’s affiliate program.

You’ll help recruit super-affiliates, create or direct the creation of marketing collateral, encourage more sales, develop and run contests and promotions.

You can also help by getting their affiliates amped up to promote the products more, provide material for them to use to market the products, and troubleshoot issues with payments.

You may possibly even troubleshoot the technology or direct the tech person to do so.

Business Consultant

A business consultant usually works with a particular type of business to help them achieve something.

For example, you may choose to help other people start a successful business like yours or help them expand in a new way the way you did.

Facebook Ads Manager

Many businesses use Facebook Ads quite frequently to promote and market their products or services.

But, running the ads can be a full-time job. It requires monitoring the ads, tweaking them for max effectiveness and even creating the ads with the help of a graphic designer.

If you have proven results from ads this is a great niche.

Project Manager

Some potential clients may have an entire team that needs a team leader, also known as a project manager.

Usually, you’ll take instructions from your client and help by managing the rest of the team by assigning them certain tasks to complete.

You will check the work and submit it to your client, and then manage payments for all contractors either by sending invoices to a bookkeeper or by handling it yourself depending on the set up you have with your client.

Sales Page Expert

Today, most products have some form of landing page (or sales page) usually using specialized landing page software like Leadpages, Thrive Pages, or some sort of page builder.

If you’re an expert in a particular software, you can help your clients set up their landing pages.

But you can also generalize and work with any software if you’re taking the role of advisor and letting someone else handle the technology.

You can also help them with their copy. Creating content that helps get their product more sales.

Customer Services Manager

Another high paying services that virtual assistants can offer is customer services management.

This is actually what Gina Horkey offered to one of her first clients that helped her become a highly paid virtual assistant.

You can actually hear more about her story in this webinar that talks about breaking into the virtual assistant business. It’s a bit long but very informative and a pretty good watch!

As a customer services manager, you can simply provide customer services solutions for your client.

You can help them organize their email and help desk software, answer questions customers have and deal tastefully with any issues as they pop up.

Many businesses will pay well for a good customer services manager because when customers are happy, business will thrive.

Tech Platform Expert

If you are good at using a specific program that is popular amongst small business owners, you could specialize in offering your services based around that.

You can market your self as an expert in that program and offer services like installation, set up and support for it.

Some examples are shopping carts, website builders, a course platform or email services set up.

For example, when I needed a complex email set up for my pregnancy blog, I had no idea how to get it to do what I wanted. I needed help setting up all my tags and automation in my convert kit.

So I found someone who’s whole business was based around convert kit! I was happy to pay someone to help solve my problem.

Launch Strategist

Want to work with course or product creators? If so, you could be super helpful as a launch specialist.

Someone who knows the ins and outs of a great launch is very valuable and in high demand. You’d make sure that all aspects of the launch are set and performing smoothly, either by using your own team or a team set up by your client.

Grab Another 150+ Services you Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant

If you are interested in learning about a ton of other services you can offer, you should grab the Horkey Handbooks 275+ services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

Its got a bunch of great services ideas that is very useful to help narrow down what you can offer to your clients.

You can also check out my full review of their online virtual assistant course 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success.

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